Marine Experts S.A. was formed in order to provide clients with a prompt and reliable Consulting and Surveying Service, specialized in Loss Prevention and Investigation of Maritime Casualties. Its head office is located in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

The firm was founded in May 2000 by Capt. Eduardo N. Prone and Capt. Benigno Luis Márquez, Directors and Senior Surveyors, who have prolonged their professional activities as Marine Surveyors and Consultants after more than 20 years of extensive practice as Senior partners and surveyors to the firm “Capt. Carlos A. Rojo & Assoc.”, which was discontinued on said date.



The technical department is complemented by an efficient operation and administrative staff led by ESTEBAN PRONE (BBA), DIRECTOR of the section.




Capt. Eduardo N. Prone started his professional independent activities in 1978 as a senior partner and surveyor to the firm “Capt. Carlos A. Rojo & Assoc.” after 14 years of sea service as Chief Officer and Master of reefer, general cargo vessels and bulk carriers. Due to his experience as Master of shuttle vessels involved in STS operations, Captain Prone is skilled in shiphandling techniques. He has also been involved in risk analysis and ISM Audits. He is a competent operator in all type of electronic charts and navigation software, including ECDIS and VDR. Nowadays, he is mostly involved in casualty investigations and technical advice, he also provides advice in litigation cases. He frequently appears at Argentinean and Chilean courts as a marine expert.

Capt. Alejandro Craviotto is a master mariner and certified marine surveyor. He has 19 years of experience as a mate and master of general cargo vessels and as master of oil and chemical tanker vessels. He is also a professor of STCW training courses specializing in oil and chemical tankers. He joined the firm in 2012 as an associated surveyor. Currently, he is mostly attending litigation and nautical consultation cases. He is also a professor to STCW training courses specialized in oil and chemical tankers. He joined the firm in 2012. Currently, he is mostly involved in loss prevention matters attending ship inspections related to ship risk analysis and ISM audits, conditions, follow-ups and pre-purchase surveys. He is also involved in cargo claims or operations in chemical and oil tankers.

Capt. Tomas A. Allik is a master mariner and a certified marine surveyor. He has 21 years of sea experience as a mate and a master of general cargo and tanker vessels. He joined the firm in 2001, after which he left for 2 years to perform his functions as a port terminal superintendent. Currently, he is in charge of the steel cargo operations as an associated surveyor.

Capt. Anibal H. Pagani is a master mariner and a certified marine surveyor. He has 12 years of sea experience as a mate and a master of general cargo vessels and bulk carriers. He has large experience as a freelance port captain He joined the firm in 2021 as an associated surveyor, providing services as a nautical surveyor and port captain.

Capt. Gerardo Giugovaz is a master mariner with 12 years of sea experience as a mate and a master of general cargo ships and supply vessels. He has large experience as free-lance port captain and operation superintendent in port terminals He joined the firm in 2018 as an associated surveyor, providing services as a nautical surveyor and port captain.


  • All the members of the firm are registered before the Maritime Authority in Argentina and they intervene either as Official Surveyors or as Consulting Experts at Court or out of court litigation cases.
  • In addition, our Firm has 12 qualified surveyors and inspectors, who assist our team surveyors in general matters.
  • The firm is organized and operated with fully standardized secure and modern surveying procedures, which are backed by the latest technical information.
  • The service is rendered as teamwork. Each Field Surveyor is supervised and monitored by a Senior Surveyor, so as to ensure a professional and flexible organization, which ensures the client is involved with the teamwork.



The office is equipped with an Ultrasonic Water tightness tester.


Electronic Charts and Navigation software are used for nautical investigations, including VDR and ECDIS.


The organization is updated with the latest information regarding Loss Prevention and Risk Assessment as per the guidelines and recommendations issued by recognized London P&I Clubs and IACS.


The firm is also equipped with special software, including specialized software for Lashing Calculation accomplishing IMO Resolution A.714.


The software of the firm also includes Passing Ship Effect and Mooring Calculation.


Surveyors count on an up-to-date technical library.





  • Condition surveys (pre insurance; pre purchase or P&I condition surveys).
  • Investigation on marine casualties such as: grounding, collision, contact damage to fixed installations, fire, damages to environment.
  • Nautical surveys in connection with G.A and Salvage.
  • Technical Advice in Litigation Matters.
  • Hull & Machinery Surveys.
    Towage approval and Refloating Plans as required by the local Coast Guard.

  • Yachts and Mega-Yachts Inspections.
  • Repairing costs appraisal and supervision.
  • Surveys on cargo damages.
  • Heavy weather damages surveys.
  • Stevedoring accident and crew and personal injury investigations.
  • Pre-loading and loading surveys of steel cargoes and general cargoes.
  • Investigation on cargo shortages and / or contamination.
  • Stowage and lashing inspections.
  • Cargo plans and stability calculations.
  • Salvage Master on Grounding incidents at River Plate and Paraná River.

Husbanding and Chartering:


  • Surveys on the equipment of the vessel and its suitability to perform the intended or chartered service, including off-shore or STS operations.
  • Chartering disputes.
  • Suitability inspections of cargo compartments, dry and liquids.
  • Misdescription of vessels.
  • Special Projects:


  • Project cargoes, lashing and stowage design, loading and discharging supervision.
  • Heavy lifts, advise, inspection and monitoring of Floating Cranes operations. (Currently, in Argentina, floating cranes are not secured in respect of third parties’ liabilities).

    Yacht and pleasure crafts:


  • Craft inspections and appraisals
  • Pre-insurance inspections
  • Damage inspection
  • Repair cost appraisals and follow-ups
  • Accident investigation



    MARINE EXPERTS has recently joined Solis Consultants Global Alliance.

    Whilst remaining fully independent, under the terms of the Alliance, each partner will support the other by providing enhanced global reach, greater local attendance and local response capability, and additional areas of expertise for the benefit of the respective clients.

    The partnership provides Solis Marine with dedicated local support for its activities in South America, whilst Marine Experts will be able to call upon Solis Marine’s resources globally.

    Solis Marine Group is an independent, multi-disciplinary marine technical consultancy with offices in the UK, the Netherlands, Singapore and China. The Group offers a broad range of services to the maritime industry, including salvage and wreck removal consultancy, Special Casualty Representatives, expert witness services, warranty surveys, incident reconstruction using AIS data, technical due diligence services and fire and chemicals casualty response and consultancy. Solis Marine’s clients include P&I Clubs, hull & machinery insurers, maritime lawyers, owners, cargo owners and insurers, governments and investors in shipping.